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The Three F's Of Fantastic Sex

What makes for fantastic sex? The short answer to this question is foreplay, friction and fantasy. Does this sound like something that you can do? Again, the short answer is yes, and it is incredibly easy. Another important advantage of using foreplay, friction and fantasy to make sure you have incredible sex is that is also makes the female you are with have incredible sex, as well.

So there is no downside to the sexual formula of foreplay, friction and fantasy, and many upsides to enjoy between the two of you.

While there is no magic number for minutes of foreplay, the average time of foreplay that is needed for most women to experience an orgasm during intercourse is twenty minutes.

This does not mean that you should set the timer on your watch for twenty minutes and when it goes off, stop with the foreplay and get on to the main event. It means that men should spend at least twenty minutes on every aspect of foreplay, including setting the mood, kissing, holding, undressing as well as oral clitoral stimulation.

Foreplay should be the time when lovers let all the things that they have been doing and anything that is stressful melt into the background while they concentrate on giving and receiving pleasure. Friction is another important part of sex. This does not mean painful friction or sex while a woman is not fully lubricated.

What friction means is supplying your partner with greater clitoral stimulation through exciting and fun sexual positions. Men can try circling their hips instead of thrusting, which allows for more clitoral stimulation by covering more surface area with intermittent contact.

Men can also try letting their partner be on top, and letting her set the pace and moving around to find that magic spot that allows her to get the best G-spot stimulation. Besides being great for orgasm, trying new positions can also be a lot of fun.

Sex should never be boring, and neither partner should feel pressured to have an orgasm. If you concentrate instead on the experience, the feelings and sensations, an orgasm should happen all on its own.

The last part of fantastic sex is fantasy. This does not mean you need to play out every fantasy you have ever had in bed. What is does mean is that you involve your brain in your sexual experience.

It is a fact that the brain is an important part of sex. The images and feelings you have contribute to your enjoyment of sex. So you can imagine anything you like to get your libido pumping. You can even share your fantasies with your partner, even if you never act them out.

Sometimes just the act of talking about your fantasies is an incredible turn-on. There is absolutely nothing wrong with fantasizing and having great sexual thoughts while making love as long as it doesn't distract from what is going on between you and your partner.

So try including these three things into your sex life. Foreplay, friction and fantasy are definitely good tools for great sex.

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