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Sex Anywhere, Anytime

Limiting your sex life only to the bedroom can be incredibly boring. Besides, you are missing out on a wide variety of great opportunities.

There is a whole world out there, with many amazing places to have sex that provide tons of different opportunities for interesting stimuli.

Adding excitement and an element of surprise and spontaneity to your sex life will definitely improve it!

Not to mention you might find yourself having even more sex because you are taking advantage of the many possibilities that await you.

Having condoms, lubricant, small vibrators and others sex toys stashed in various places can really increase your opportunities to have sex. Have your girlfriend or wife put them in her purse. Stash some in your briefcase or in the glove compartment of your car.

Tuck some fun, sexy things away in the kitchen drawer. You may not use these things immediately, but if the occasion arises, you will be prepared. Not to mention that you will both be aware that the items are there and it will increase your sexy, turned-on feelings every time you pass that particular drawer or glance at your glove compartment while driving.

You should also take the time to experience the elements of nature. Having sex outdoors is not only adventurous; it can provide a myriad of feelings and sensations. For instance, making love with the hot sun on your bodies is only one way to enjoy nature. You can also have sex during a rainstorm.

Getting soaked by the warm, summer rain while having great sex can be a wonderful new experience. It might also be fun to try having sex outside during a foggy morning or evening, too. While it isn't usually recommended to have sex in the snow, having sex in a hot tub during a cold winter day can provide a fantastic mix of hot and cold that can really add to your sex life.

It can also be fun to use your video camera to record your lovemaking. There is nothing better than watching yourselves having sex. It may get you both so turned on that another session of lovemaking will soon follow the first. If you are nervous about recording intimate moments, you can set up your video camera on a tripod in the room. Then hook the video cable to your television.

Then, as you are making love, you can watch it on your television without having to worry about a copy of a hot sex session not getting erased and ending up on cable TV somewhere. Another fun thing to do can be to have your wife or girlfriend put on a dress, skirt or robe without anything underneath it.

Then, you can have her sit on your lap. Unzip your zipper and enjoy the feeling of having sex without it being evident. You can do this in the privacy of your own home or if you are really daring, try it out in public and see you can pull off having sex surrounded by people without them knowing.

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