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Mastering The Multiple Female Orgasm

Okay, you've heard the rumors. Guys in the locker room bragging about how they made their girlfriends orgasm over and over.

Your best friend claming he had sex for five hours straight. Is it really possible for a guy to pleasure a woman that well? Sure it is, and this article is here to help you uncover the mysteries that even your best buddies won't share.


The first rule of bringing a woman to orgasm is time. A woman needs time to come to full arousal. This means a lot of kissing and foreplay. Take time to kiss her entire body, try to make her orgasm from oral sex, etc., anything to get her fully into the game before the first penetration. If you can stimulate her enough for her to orgasm before you even penetrate, all the better. You're doing your job right.

More Time

By now I'm sure you're dying for penetration. Go ahead, you've earned it. But don't go over board. Thrust a few times then pull out, and repeat. Do this over and over until you are sure you have to orgasm. More than likely, she will join you in the big O.


After your first O you probably think you can't get erection again to keep the marathon going. This is the wrong attitude. There are several things you can do to get that erection to come back. Try more foreplay, first. If that doesn't work, try taking a warm shower together. The warm water will not only stimulate, but will also get the blood moving, not to mention it is just plain sexy.


Now that you feel your erection coming back, move back to the first step, but change it up a little. Remember, you have to keep her surprised and interested throughout, as well as fully turned on. Instead of heading back to bed, lay her down on the stairs, bend her over the kitchen table, lift her up on the bathroom sink. Make the positions totally different from the first.

Add toys, or be creative and make your own. Brush her nipples with a feather. Tease her with ice. Let your head of hair glide over her body. Also, try adding food to the act. Forget the normal whipped cream. Try chocolate syrup instead, or berries eaten off of her bellybutton. Dribble wine over her breast and sip it off. Pinch the end of a strawberry and drag it down her thigh and follow it with your tongue.

And Repeat

You can go through these steps over and over. Just remember to stop and let her sleep when she gives you the cue that she is worn out and satisfied. By the way, during your all night love fest, don't try to keep count of how many times you made her orgasm. Asking her if she "came" will more than likely kill the mood and make her self-conscious. Above all, decide that you are a stud and you are in control of your sexuality. Confidence can make all the difference.