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Five Positions To Drive Her Wild

Ah, positions! What can be more fun than to explore new positions with your lady? And what better way to make her think you are the best guy around than to choose a few positions that will give her amazing sensations?

Here are five positions guarantied to send her into O heaven.

The Lifted Doggy Style

Doggy style is an old favorite for both men and women alike. This variation adds just that little extra penetration and friction. First, have the female get on her all fours away from you. Next, put a pillow under both of her hands to lift her higher in the front.

This enables you to slide in deeper and gives you a better angle to stimulate the back part of her vagina. The back is not usually a very stimulated area in most positions, so this will give her a new sensation to love.

The Hangover

No, this position doesn't necessarily come from drinking too much. Find any flat surface; it could be a table, bed, or counter. Lay the female flat on her back with her bottom slightly over the edge of the flat object. Have her wrap her legs around your waist for support and enter her.

Doing this on a flat surface that is about waist high is ideal. You can also easily move from this position to the man-on-top position. This position allows you to apply more pressure to front part of the vagina. Making it easier stimulate the G-spot.

The Full Moon

This one is for any man that loves his lady's behind and watching all the action. Lay flat on the bed. Have the female straddle you and let you penetrate while she is facing the other direction. From this view you will get to look on her nice bottom, but will also get to see everything that is going on more vividly. It also allows her to adjust the stimulation she is getting.

The Reversed Moon

This is sorta like the above move, but a little different. This time, have your lady lay on her side and open her legs wide. Slide in-between them so that your chest is against her back and enter. Okay, this may be a bit of a trick if your gal isn't very limber.

Try having her put her hand under her knee to stabilize her leg and to keep it from cramping. Sounds strange, I know, but the friction will be amazing for both of you. Plus, once again, it stimulates new places.

Woman On Top

Okay, as simple as it seems, woman on top is always the best for letting the woman get the most pleasure. Here are a couple tips to make it even better for her. First, in this position you have full access to everything. Use your fingers to stimulate her as she moves. Also, try to add a little dominance to this submissive position. Put your hands on her hips and lift her to the tip of your penis, hold her there and then let her drop. This is a major pleaser.