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Finding Her G-Spot

Being a hero in bed means finding and working that little elusive spot inside a woman called the Gräfenberg spot, or G-spot. This is a small area in the vagina that can cause a massive orgasm that she will never forget. Before you can make her O, you have to know what it is and where to find it first. The G-spot is named after a German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg in 1944. He believed it to be a bundle of nerves in or around the vaginal walls, but it is now believed to be the source of female ejaculation.

It is located on the front side of the vagina, about half way between the pubic bone and cervix, or about the length from the tip of your finger to the second knuckle. It feels a bit rougher that the rest of the vagina wall and is usually the size of a pea, but when aroused it will grow to at least twice that size. When a woman's G-spot is stroked or fondled, there is an urge to clench those muscles, and if the stroking is continued it can be, for some women, the primary source of stimulation leading to orgasm during foreplay or intercourse.

Now that you know the basics, let's get into the how-to. Under no circumstances should you use your finger as the only way to stimulate her G-spot. That's kind of boring, even if you are stimulating her G-spot. You can also use fun sex positions that use the penis to stimulate the frontal wall of the vagina.

Volume enhancement pillsFor example: Lay her flat on her back with her bottom slightly over the edge of the bed. Have her wrap her legs around your waist for support and enter her. Doing this on a flat surface that is about waist high is perfect. This position allows you to apply more pressure to front part of the vagina, making it easier stimulate the G-spot.

Also, try an old favorite for both men and women alike, doggy style. This variation adds just that little extra penetration and friction. First, have the female get on her all fours away from you. Next, put a pillow under both of her knees to lift her higher in the back. This enables you to slide in deeper and gives you a better angle to stimulate the front part of her vagina. Another trick to try is to raise her pelvis by putting a pillow underneath her hips during man-on-top.

If she is on top, try putting your hands on her hips and pushing her back towards your knees with each stroke. This will make your penis drag along the front wall of her vagina, stimulating the G-spot.

Just a word of caution, some women report that they don't have a G-spot or that they don't feel anything when it is stimulated. Don't be discouraged. Most women still get plenty of pleasure from frontal vaginal touch, so you can't go wrong either way!