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Women Who Fake Orgasms

A woman's orgasm is a very important thing. However, studies have shown that more than seventy percent of women in the world are not getting their orgasm and may be faking it when they say they are.

This is staggering news to the men of the world who believe they are simply rocking the house every night when in fact the woman is just putting on a show. That can also be very embarrassing for the man.

He believes that he is doing his job and that means many things to the man who is happy with the relationship. What can be done about this? Well there are many things that can happen but you have to be prepared.

There is the chance that you may never get the woman to have an orgasm. Perhaps she is not capable. That is a definite possibility because there are women in the world who do not know how to achieve an orgasm or how it feels.

There are others who require specific conditions for an orgasm. If you are not putting fourth those specific conditions then you may just be going through the motions. Now it is important to note that most women will fake orgasms because they love the man they are with and they do not want to hurt his feelings.

That is a very complicated scenario. While it may make a man feel good when that happens that is not the way things should be. In most cases the man should want the woman to have the right kind of time when in bed with him and not have to fake it.

From the male point of view you should be looking at several things. There are women in the world that can only be brought to orgasm with oral stimulation. That is just a simple fact of life. You may have to do some extra work in the fore play department to make the orgasm happen.

However, it is possible that she can be trained to achieve multiple orgasms if you first bring her to that point with oral stimulation then get into the actual sexual intercourse act. Then there is the idea of the female g-spot. This one spot that is located inside the vagina can be the best friend a man could ever have.

If you can find it, which is not all that difficult if you know where to look, then you have the ability to bring her to orgasm each and every time you have sex. This is a fore gone conclusion because of the way the spot works. It is a point where the female nerve bundles come together for a point of origin and if that area is stimulated then you will drive her wild.

Some men can reach this spot with their penis, while others must use their finger. It really all depends on the size of the woman as well as the size of the penis. The spot can be deep or it could be shallow depending on the woman.

Take some time to search for it but be sexy about it. Don't go digging through the woman's vagina in hopes of finding it. That will only disrupt the entire sex act all together.