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Does Weight Affect Sperm Quality?

You may be worried about a lot of things when it comes to your health and that is completely reasonable. We learn that through the idea of being over weight a lot of things can actually go wrong.

The fact of the matter is that this world has never been heavier than it is right now. That is a sad but very true fact. We have allowed ourselves to become so heavy that our very lives depend on our losing weight.

So we need to start thinking about the adverse effects that the weight we are carrying around can have on a person and the body we have. There are many things and most of them can be deadly to say the least.

There are others that are not deadly but they are not the kind of things that we want going on with our bodies. Sadly this has taken a long time for people to figure out.

Remember that we did not get this heavy over night.

This comes from a long history of destroying our bodies and making things not right from the get go. So we have to take some things in stride and make the kind of changes that we are used to so we can make sure that we are living as long as possible.

The doctors tell us that we have actually shortened our lives by as much as twenty percent or more by carrying around a load of extra weight. That number goes through the roof when you are considered to be morbidly obese.

The one main thing that has a lot of males worried is the adverse effects that the weight can have on the sexual part of the life. Well that worry is very well founded to be honest. Weight and the excess there of can affect every part of our bodies, from our skin to our penis. That means that you could be doing a lot of damage to the body just by packing on a few extra pounds each year.

The main focus is the quality of the sperm that the men produce. Because of the fact that most of the men in the world are actually looking to have children at one time or another, they are very worried about what is going to happen if they do not get the weight off. Well one of the things that can happen is the fact that you could easily give up all hope of ever having children.

Doctors have found that extra weight is causing many men to have a very low sperm count. This is due to the fact that when the body is not exercised like it should be then you have the slow down of production for many things. That is the case when you have an over weight person with a very low sperm count. He has lowered his sperm count because the body is no longer producing as fast as it should because it needs to make up for the extra weight.