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An Orgasm A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

There are many things about sex that men just are not aware of. This stands to reason as the men of the world are more about just getting the most sex that they can and not worrying about the rest of the stuff.

Well recent research has proven that this may be something that is good for you and you did not know about it.

Thanks to the insight that has been provided by recent studies, doctors are now saying that daily sex or at least an orgasm is a determining factor in whether or not a person is healthy.

This is very good news for a lot of people because they are seeing a reason why they should be having as much sex as possible as often as possible. But that is not the only thing about this.

According to the research, it is not sex but an orgasm. So we are looking at something that has taken on a whole new light. According to the study, any orgasm, including one that is brought on by masturbation can be very beneficial to the health of the man. There are many reasons for this but most of them do not even enter into the mind of the man as a whole.

The funny thing is that doctors have had this theory for many years but they have never been able to prove it until now. The one thing that is important to note is that two blind studies were done. One of them was performed on an average man who had sex an average amount of time.

The other was on an adult movie star who had sex almost on a daily basis. The study proved that the movie star was healthier from many points of view than the man who only had sex an average amount of time.

Now then, one must take into consideration that the studies also concluded that it was not the total sex act that was good for the entire group, but just the mere fact of orgasm. There is a specific reason for this.

The idea is that the body needs to under go many reactions when the orgasm is reached and one of them is an increase in blood flow to the entire body. This is because the body is working over time to try and get the blood going to the area of the body that is being used. Therefore the heart is working harder and so is the rest of the body including the lungs and so on.

When this happens it stimulates the body to a certain point and that is what the doctors are saying is best for the body. It is much like exercise but the person does not need to be running or walking to achieve that area. So as you can clearly see there is no reason why you should not take part in sex and so on as often as possible.

There is actually a good medical reason why you should. Now this does not mean you should hop into bed with just about anyone, because that could lead to health problems that you do not want.